Visualizing a new reality

Visualizing a new reality: Pinterest uses a series of complex algorithms for visual processing. In the past few years, these algorithms have become stabilized and democratized, opening the door for the company to work with AWS, while Pinterest engineers focus on further innovations in visual discovery.

Picturing speed and reliability

Pinterest chose AWS to manage its infrastructure and the hundreds of services and thousands of workloads that run on it. AWS enables Pinterest to scale processing and storage, makes sure all of its data is available, and works directly with its team to develop new services and features.

Letting people discover what they love

Letting people discover what they love: Pinterest is building the world’s first visual discover engine with the largest set of human-curated ideas ever collected. Leveraging AWS for speed, innovation, and experimentation, Pinterest can focus on creating world-changing user experiences. That’s the picture of innovation on AWS.

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Modernize data and analytics

Improve access and analytics for all of your data.

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More innovation at work

Restructuring real estate through data

Through AWS, full-service residential real estate company Redfin manages billions of property records while maintaining a slim IT headcount. Redfin runs its entire business analytics operation on AWS, allowing the company to stay agile while gaining a data-driven edge on its competitors.

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Discover a comprehensive approach for delivering value from data—one that gets faster and smarter over time. Explore the Data Flywheel and learn steps to help your organization create momentum in your data management process, leverage purpose-built databases and analytics, and build real business differentiation.

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Changing the way the world watches content

AWS enables Netflix to support seamless global service so that users can watch TV shows and movies anywhere in the world on just about any connected device—virtually interrupted and with high-definition visual clarity.

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