Laying a stronger foundation

Founded in 2008, Redfin’s biggest differentiator as a national provider of real estate brokerage services has always been its use of market data. To maintain this important advantage, the company demands an infrastructure that is cost-effective, highly scalable, and easy to manage. Redfin found just what it needed with AWS—and today operates zero on-premises servers..

Opening the front door to innovation

Using AWS for its compute, storage, and messaging layers, Redfin found AWS easy to build on and that its reliability opens possibilities for faster innovation. Free to think beyond the durability of the data and other issues now handled by AWS, Redfin’s IT team makes continuous breakthroughs that improve user outcomes while blurring the lines between development and operations.

Disrupting the market one deal at a time

The members of Redfin’s IT teams are transforming into cloud technology pioneers, continually pushing the limits of their product’s capabilities. Inspired by insights and enabled by AWS, Redfin is disrupting the real estate market in ways that empower customers to make better deals—no broker’s license required. That’s the influence of innovation on AWS.

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Getting Started

Power intelligence for machine learning

Make ML part of your strategy—without excessive risk.

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More innovation at work

Managing for massive scalability

Pinterest has tripled its use of storage and compute over just two years—without worrying about reliability or scalability. AWS has helped the wildly popular visual bookmarking site grow to more than 200 million users and two billion boards.

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Discover a comprehensive approach for delivering value from data—one that gets faster and smarter over time. Explore the Data Flywheel and learn steps to help your organization create momentum in your data management process, leverage purpose-built databases and analytics, and build real business differentiation.

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Changing the way the world watches content

AWS enables Netflix to support seamless global service so that users can watch TV shows and movies anywhere in the world on just about any connected device—virtually interrupted and with high-definition visual clarity.

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