Lightening the load

To eliminate the heavy lifting of data management—while keeping its development team focused on delivering new product features and improvements—Netflix began migrating to AWS in 2008. Over time, the company was able to eliminate nearly all of its physical infrastructure, running its massive global operations without owning a single data center.

Delighting viewers with data

AWS helps deliver seamless streaming for Netflix customers, and it powers the company’s world-renowned analytics platform. Through AWS, Netflix operates a 10 PB data warehouse to measure and understand data and then uses the resulting insights to fine-tune its services and make remarkably accurate customer recommendations.

Streaming success in the cloud

Through online streaming and groundbreaking original content, Netflix has forever changed the way the world consumes entertainment. Today, AWS enables Netflix to quickly deploy thousands of servers and terabytes of storage within minutes. Running 100,000+ AWS instances, Netflix has improved productivity, scalability, and operational agility. That’s the impact of innovation on AWS.

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Getting Started

Power intelligence for machine learning

Make ML part of your strategy—without excessive risk.

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Modernizing data and analytics

Improve access and analytics for all of your data.

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More innovation at work

Advancing local businesses with global scale

AWS enables Yelp to cost-effectively store and process a huge amount of data at scale, helping the brand grow from a simple tool for local knowledge into an internationally trusted online resource.

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Leverage machine learning

This Enterprise AI Guide was designed to help executives tackle implementing AI and machine learning in a manageable framework. Supplemented by real-world examples of enterprises that run on AWS tools and technologies, this guide demonstrates the value machine learning can drive in your organization.

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Bringing it all home for buyers and browsers

With AWS, Zillow is able to elastically and cost-effectively store over one billion objects and serve up an average of 15,000 images per second—allowing the company to reliably provide information on more than 110 million homes across the US.

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