Expanding around the globe

With its business expanding rapidly in Asia and Europe, Infor needed to spin up applications faster while liberating its IT teams from hardware procurement and provisioning. The company also sought a way to shorten the backup times for its Microsoft SQL Server-based data—which required up to 12 hours for a full backup—while improving the availability of its customer applications.

Migrating with a purpose

Once Infor made the decision to move its infrastructure to the cloud, the company migrated multiple enterprise applications from its data center to AWS. Each of the applications ran on Amazon EC2 instances, which were optimized to deliver tens of thousands of low-latency IOPS to applications. Relying on the Amazon EC2 I2 instances for ephemeral storage of SQL Server databases, Infor’s IT teams could cluster data across multiple availability zones to deliver higher application availability.

Scaling for modern enterprises

By migrating to Amazon EBS st1 volumes—at half the cost of gp2 volumes—the company improved its overall infrastructure performance while substantially reducing costs. It also gained the agility to scale as needed and the capacity to operate securely in multiple availability zones worldwide. As an Advanced Technology Partner, Infor leverages AWS to solve even the most complex business challenges for its enterprise customers. That’s the power of innovation on AWS.

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