Developing a portal for images and data

Medical research studies have confirmed that up to 35 percent of patient cases are misdiagnosed, partially due to a lack of timely access to medical images, data, and records. With those issues top of mind, GE Healthcare identified a need for an online portal that would allow radiologists and other health care professionals in the US to view, process, and easily share images on patient cases.

Harnessing the power of results

To realize its goal of helping medical professionals extract maximum value from the data, GE Healthcare built its portal on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances. Nearly a petabyte of imaging data is stored on the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) infrastructure, providing the platform with the durability and reliability it needs to harness this critical data.

Adding value to devices and apps

Powered by AWS solutions for machine learning and more, the GE Health Cloud provides advanced visualization of critical images and data, enabling collaboration between disparate care providers and specialists. The cloud-enabled portal has become an end-to-end ecosystem for innovation and the delivery of meaningful value through thousands of connected devices and specialty applications.

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Getting Started

Power intelligence for machine learning

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