Stretching data further

Equinox has no shortage of customer data and a robust traditional data platform but found onboarding new digital sources, logs, and IOT data difficult to onboard, responding quickly to new requests.

Sprinting toward insight

By combining an Amazon S3 Data Lake with Amazon Redshift, Equinox enhanced its ability to analyze existing structured data with new and semi-structured sources in order to understand and act on insights faster. Leveraging Amazon Glue and Redshift Spectrum eliminated the need to load many of these sources into the data warehouse. This not only allowed for cost savings but also drastically improved data onboarding time and made the system adaptable to changes in incoming data.

Strengthening user experiences

Equinox has established an efficient, cost-effective, and flexible analytics platform for all customer data. The company leverages this data for both consumer insights and data science, all in service of delivering an unparalleled member experience. That's the strength of innovation on AWS.

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Getting Started

Modernize data and analytics

Improve access and analytics for all of your data.

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More innovation at work

Personalizing the game within the game

Major League Baseball (MLB) uses AWS to enhance viewer experiences through advanced statistics and customized content. AWS powers tracking technology that analyzes player performance and delivers personalized content for each market and geographic region.

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Innovate with the Data Flywheel

Discover a comprehensive approach for delivering value from data—one that gets faster and smarter over time. Explore the Data Flywheel and learn steps to help your organization create momentum in your data management process, leverage purpose-built databases and analytics, and build real business differentiation.

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Changing the way the world watches content

AWS enables Netflix to support seamless global service so that users can watch TV shows and movies anywhere in the world on just about any connected device—virtually interrupted and with high-definition visual clarity.

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