Striking out complexity

Baseball fans yearn for compelling statistics and unique insights about their favorite players and teams. To meet these growing demands, MLB turned to AWS and its broad range of cloud-based machine learning (ML) services, achieving efficiency and accuracy for data management and analytics.

Going inside baseball

MLB created “Statcast AI Powered by AWS” to empower its developers and data scientists to automate tasks as they learn to quickly and easily build, train, and deploy ML models at scale. AWS allows MLB to handle data streams, from fluctuating game schedules across North America to scale-down during the off-season and more.

Delivering way more than stats

With AWS, MLB is now making smarter and more satisfying predictions about the next pitch, the probability of a stolen base, and many other stats. The company also plans to create scripts powered by ML for live games in the tone and style of iconic announcers. Today, MLB delivers rich, new data experiences for fans, broadcasters, and ball clubs alike. That’s the essence of innovation on AWS.

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Getting Started

Power intelligence for machine learning

Make ML part of your strategy—without excessive risk.

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More innovation at work

Refining the fitness customer journey

Relying on AWS solutions, Equinox Fitness Clubs was able to create a broader view of its entire customer journey. Armed with a deeper understanding of customer behaviors, Equinox can now optimize its e-commerce assets to increase and accelerate sales.

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Build better apps in less time

Organizations are looking for ways to build better applications and release them faster. Modern applications are built with a combination of new architecture patterns, operational models, and software delivery processes, and they allow businesses to innovate faster while reducing risk, time to market and total cost of ownership.

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Connecting brands with people

Bynder has grown its business 200 percent year over year, scaling into new regions and working with several multinational organizations. AWS enables the company’s new digital asset management (DAM) platform, which offers its customers a smarter way to find, share, and deploy digital files at any time, and from anywhere.

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