Realize the potential of cloud computing for digital content creation with AWS. Adapt your resources as your studio’s demands shift and access the best creative talent from across the globe. Advance your business with virtual workstations on AWS, powered by NVIDIA® A10G or T4 GPUs with NVIDIA RTX® technology, and scale your creativity.

Find freedom in the cloud

Gain the capacity to take on bigger projects, and only pay for what your studio needs. With virtual workstations on AWS, you can work from anywhere, with anyone.

Move your business forward with innovative technology

Running on Amazon EC2 G5 or G4dn instances, virtual workstations on AWS employ the power of NVIDIA RTX technology – the visual computing platform trusted by creative and technical professionals.

Put the technology to the test

Experiment with an official dataset from FuzzyPixel’s animated short film, ‘Spanner’ and see how virtual workstations serve real-world production demands. Try it now

Your workstation, available where you need it

Designed to help you tackle today’s industry challenges and future-proof your business, virtual workstations on AWS – with NVIDIA RTX graphics performance – will transform the way you work.

  • more power

    Scale at speed

    Virtual workstations redefine agile working, making it possible to go from two to two hundred workstations in the blink of an eye. Simply flex your workforce as you see fit. You’ll only pay for what you use, and you can dial it back whenever you like.

  • more flexible/scalability

    High-performance graphics

    Amazon EC2 G4dn instances are powered by NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPUs and feature NVIDIA RTX technology. G5 instances are the first in the cloud to feature NVIDIA A10G Tensor Core GPUs that deliver high performance for graphics-intensive applications. Whether you need one or multiple workstations, you can configure them to make sure you get high-performance simulation, rendering, and design.

  • more manageable

    Rely on ISV certification

    Get proven NVIDIA RTX benefits from the cloud, and leverage NVIDIA’s hundreds of professional ISV application certifications. Give your studio the security of software that you know will perform and offer a consistently high-quality user experience.

  • decrease data movement

    Do more of what you do best

    Spend less time managing your software and hardware, and more time using it. With cloud-based RTX workstations on NVIDIA GPUs, you won’t need to upgrade on-premises machines ever again, and you’ll work with the latest software and hardware.

  • use your favorite tools

    Use your favorite tools

    Virtual workstations on AWS support the broadest set of artist tools and offer color/pixel accuracy and video/audio sync. Artists can use all their favorite content creation tools and experience performance that surpasses their expectations.

  • ISV certification

    Simplify data management

    You’re free to access your data from anywhere – no content is stored on your artists’ local devices. Instead, work is saved in the cloud, reducing the need to move, sync or backup data, and improving collaboration as a result.

Streamline your workflow
Stream pixels

Sophisticated streaming protocols such as Teradici PCoIP, NICE DCV, and Remote Desktop are a key component in making virtual workstations possible. By streaming pixels and not data, artists are able to work securely and efficiently.

Your GPU-accelerated virtual workstations

Here’s how it works:

workflow-v8-desktop.gif workflow-v9-mobile.png

See how detailed you can go

Created for the animated short film ‘Spanner’, this airship pushes the visual quality bar. Composed with 1,700 textures and 470 UDIMs, the complex environment asset was crafted using virtual workstations on AWS.

Get your hands on the engine dataset from this airship and observe every detail. Set your studio up with virtual workstations on AWS and test out the dataset, free of charge.

Customer Stories

Virtual workstations on AWS are changing the way artists create in the M&E industry. Learn from some of the studios who have been inspired to rethink creativity and evolve the way they work.

Why partner with AWS?

Amazon G5 and G4dn instances deliver high-performance GPUs for deploying graphics-intensive applications.

  • More availability

    Create and collaborate anywhere

    Globally, AWS serves more regions and zones than any other cloud provider. With more availability, you can tap into a more diverse talent pool and collaborate with industry experts anywhere in the world.

  • Value of security

    Work securely

    AWS has invested heavily in security for M&E and studio infrastructure. We offer both a secure cloud computing environment and innovative security services which satisfy the security and compliance needs of the most risk-sensitive organizations and meet industry security requirements.

  • More capacity

    Get the capacity for unlimited creativity

    Processing and storage limitations are a thing of the past. With virtually unlimited capacity there are no constraints on creative experimentation – your studio has the potential to do its best work.

Ready to Rethink Creativity?

If you want to learn more about how virtual workstations on AWS will help future-proof your business, tell us more about your studio.


Virtual workstations on AWS run on EC2 G5 and G4dn instances and are a great fit for creative professionals with high-spec graphics requirements. If your studio’s digital content creation workflows include VFX, animation and video editing, this is the innovative solution for you.
Costs can vary from business to business based on a number of factors such as location and storage requirements. You can use the AWS pricing calculator to help you assess your potential costs. For a quote more specific to your needs, feel free to contact us.
You will need to contact your software provider for details on how to license your preferred tools for cloud-based virtual workstations.
Visit the EC2 page for the latest global availability. The closer you are to a region or availability zone, the better you can expect your performance to be. New regions, availability zones, and now local zones are being released regularly.
Generally, latency under 30ms is recommended for optimal performance. However, higher latency may not be noticeable for certain workflows, so we recommend that you thoroughly test all of your input devices when benchmarking your latency.
Yes, Amazon EC2 G5 or G4dn instances include NVIDIA RTX vWS on NVIDIA T4 GPUs, based on the latest NVIDIA Turing architecture and the next generation of computer graphics, RTX platform. Amazon EC2 G5 instances feature NVIDIA A10G Tensor Core GPUs and NVIDIA RTX Enterprise drivers. With AWS, you can run the latest applications that support the RTX platform and experience real-time ray tracing and AI-enhanced graphics, video and image processing from anywhere.