AWS and NVIDIA® have partnered to bring your studio a powerful and advanced GPU-accelerated solution for cloud-based virtual workstations.

When you move to virtual workstations on AWS, you’ll benefit from the latest technology, uncompromised performance, and an almost unlimited capacity for creativity.

Get an airship dataset:

Take virtual workstations for a test run with a production-grade asset from FuzzyPixel’s ‘Spanner’. Try it now

Implementing virtual workstations on AWS

Amazon EC2 G5 and G4dn instances deliver high-performance GPUs for deploying graphics-intensive applications.

G5 and G4dn instances are powered by the latest generation of NVIDIA® A10 or T4 GPUs – with RTX Virtual Workstation software at no additional cost, up to 100 Gbps of networking throughput, and up to 7.6TB of local NVME storage.

Here’s how it works:

G5 and G4dn instances are offered in different sizes, with your choice of one GPU or multiple GPUs, and varying amounts of vCPU and memory, giving you the flexibility to pick the right instance size for your applications.


Let’s get you set up

You don’t need to be an expert to implement virtual workstations and cloud computing for your studio. Whether you want to create visual effects, animate, or edit videos, we’ll provide step-by-step guidance to help you familiarize yourself with the AWS Console and get the most out of it.

VFX and Animation on AWS

Follow along with a video walk-through or read the comprehensive tutorial to start creating.

Video editing on AWS

Learn how to take your video-editing skills to virtual workstations with this informative guide.

Experiment with an exclusive dataset

Once you have your workstation set up, you’ll want to test it out. Play around with the 3D airship from FuzzyPixel’s animated short film, ‘Spanner’. Simply request the Autodesk Maya file here, free of charge.

Partnering with AWS

Deliver your projects on time and within budget, reassure your clients that their IP is safe at all times, and collaborate with the best talent to ensure your studio’s output is second to none – it’s all possible with virtual workstations on AWS.
  • Broadest and Deepest Global Footprint

    The broadest global footprint

    With the broadest and deepest global footprint, you’ll always be able to hire based on merit, not location. Plus, AWS gives you the flexibility to select an infrastructure that will give you the highest throughput and lowest latency for your creative application needs.

  • The security of Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

    The security of Amazon VPC

    Follow the content security best practices of Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) that are required by major studio content owners. Customize your own virtual network with Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and ensure valuable data stays safe.

  • The power of NVIDIA technology

    The power of NVIDIA technology

    Amazon EC2 G5 and G4dn instances are powered by NVIDIA A10 or T4 GPUs and feature NVIDIA RTX technology – providing you with the performance you would expect.

  • The capacity to adapt with demand

    The capacity to adapt with demand

    Influx of work? Build up your team within minutes. Spin up (or spin down) your workstations to ensure that you can consistently and reliably deliver creative content, without worrying about capacity limits.

Storage, compute, and networking

Once you’ve tested a virtual workstation on AWS, you’re likely to have a few follow-up questions around storage, cloud rendering, and networking – there are various options that we’ll be happy to talk you through.

Pricing guidance

Costs can vary from business to business based on a number of factors such as location and storage requirements. You can use the AWS pricing calculator to help you assess your potential costs. For a quote more specific to your needs, feel free to contact us.

Ready to Rethink Creativity?

If you want to learn more about how virtual workstations on AWS will help future-proof your business, tell us more about your studio.