Taking vacations into the cloud

As the company grew rapidly, Airbnb needed easier ways to manage data and ramp up servers and storage—without restrictions like minimum usage commitments. The company also required more automation and simplified technical service, as its current infrastructure was being pushed beyond capacity.

Working harder to help customers relax

A year after Airbnb launched, the company decided to migrate nearly all of its cloud computing functions to AWS. Airbnb uses AWS to support demand for its application, Memcache, search servers, house backups, and static files and to easily monitor and supervise all of its server resources. Its entire database migration to AWS was completed with only 15 minutes of downtime.

Simplifying operations for global success

The low-cost, simple, and ever-expanding selection of products available from AWS have helped Airbnb expand its services to 25,000 cities across 192 countries. And the company states that the flexibility and responsiveness of AWS have allowed its teams to prepare for (and deliver on) even more growth. That’s the ease of innovation on AWS.

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Getting Started

Power intelligence for machine learning

Make ML part of your strategy—without excessive risk.

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More innovation at work

Changing the way the world watches content

AWS enables Netflix to support seamless global service so that users can watch TV shows and movies anywhere in the world on just about any connected device—virtually interrupted and with high-definition visual clarity.

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Bridge the IT skills gap

Many leaders think they need to recruit more experienced and more expensive IT talent to move their infrastructure forward, but that’s a common misconception. Explore our eBook series for step-by-step guidance on what it takes to upskill your existing teams—quickly and cost-effectively.

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Advancing local businesses with global scale

AWS enables Yelp to cost-effectively store and process a huge amount of data at scale, helping the brand grow from a simple tool for local knowledge into an internationally trusted online resource.

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