Killing the shills

One of the primary keys to the success of Yelp—over other user review sites—is its ability to filter out “shill” or suspect content, thereby assuring that business ratings reflect real customer feedback. This requires a huge volume of storage and compute power, and it wasn’t long before Yelp’s original infrastructure of giant RAIDs and a single, local instance of Hadoop was unable to keep up.

Reviewing data management

Yelp replaced its overmatched RAIDs with Amazon S3 instances and immediately transferred all Hadoop jobs to Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR). The company can now store 1.2 TB of daily logs and photos and, with Amazon EMR, power 20 separate batch scripts (most processing the logs).

Achieving a five-star user experience

Empowered by AWS, Yelp is continuously improving user experiences by creating highly personalized recommendations and serving up hyper-relevant ads. The company also realized immediate financial benefits from its AWS migration, saving $55,000 in upfront hardware costs and getting up and running in a matter of days. That’s the value of innovation on AWS.

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Managing for massive scalability

Pinterest has tripled its use of storage and compute over just two years—without worrying about reliability or scalability. AWS has helped the wildly popular visual bookmarking site grow to more than 200 million users and two billion boards.

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