Reaping intelligence from agricultural data

As one of the largest agricultural companies on the planet, Bayer Crop Science provides products and services that sustain hundreds of thousands of farmers. For the past several years, the company has incorporated IoT devices to reveal insights from agricultural data. However, a manual process could not deliver the real-time data collection and analysis needed to catch issues, and the growers lacked access to collected traits, making timely QA/QC difficult.

Building an IoT pipeline for real-time analytics

Bayer Crop Science built a new IoT pipeline, based on AWS IoT Core, that managed the collection, processing, and analysis of seed-growing data, including temperature, humidity levels, and current soil conditions. The solution captured multiple terabytes of data from seed transportation, planting, and growing in the company’s research fields across the globe. Its analysts used the new data-collection platform to access real-time information on their mobile devices.

Delivering better visibility for healthier crops

Using the AWS IoT-based pipeline, Bayer Crop Science leverages real-time data collection and analysis capabilities to make more informed decisions for its global seed business without waiting days for the data. Now the company can ensure corrective actions in the field to meet customer SLAs for quality control, and the farmers can decide more quickly, and cost-effectively, what they should do about particular crop projects. That’s the meaning of innovation on AWS.

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