Advance your career with machine learning

Machine learning skills are in demand, and the market is projected to grow exponentially.1 But the supply of machine learning skills is low—according to a recent report, only 9% of IT pros say they are highly skilled in machine learning.

This guide shows how developers and current/aspiring data scientists leverage this skills gap, improving their machine learning capabilities, to advance their careers. You’ll also meet the AWS Machine Learning Heroes—technologists and academics who are proficient and passionate enthusiasts of emerging AWS machine learning technologies. Access the guide now to discover:

  • Why the skills gap is a golden career opportunity
  • Where to look to build your skills
  • What specific knowledge and capabilities you need to acquire
  • Who to connect with for expert guidance
  • When you should get started

1 Global Knowledge, 2019 IT Skills and Salary Report
2 IDC 2019 IT Training Buyer Survey Spotlight: Impact of Skills Gap and the Need for Strategic IT Skills Development


Learn how developers and data scientists worldwide have used the machine learning skills gap to their advantage.

1 Global Knowledge, 2019 IT Skills and Salary Report, 2019

Propel your career with machine learning skills from AWS

AWS Training and Certification is how machine learning experts are made

Organizations are struggling to find data scientists and developers with machine learning experience. Learn how you can become the machine learning problem-solver others look to.

AWS is how you build machine learning skills

Courses built on the curriculum leveraged by Amazon’s own teams

  • Learn your way

    Get machine learning training anytime, anywhere in just a few hours or days, with flexible learning options to meet your needs.

  • Get trained by the experts

    More machine learning happens on AWS than anywhere else.2 Choose courses with our helpful ramp-up guide, featuring machine learning fundamentals and helpful resources.

  • Earn industry-recognized credibility

    Take the next step and earn the AWS Certified Machine Learning — Specialty Certification to demonstrate your skills and experience with an industry-recognized credential.

2 Deep Learning on AWS Guidebook, Nucleus Research, October 2019

8 reasons to build machine learning skills with AWS

Discover 8 reasons why AWS is the best place to learn the skills it takes to become a machine learning engineer, data scientist, or developer.

Discover 8 reasons why AWS is the best place to learn the skills it takes to become a machine learning engineer, data scientist, or developer

Relevant machine learning training for developers

Become a machine learning developer

Our tailored learning path for builders and software developers provides a recommended sequence of courses to help you gain relevant knowledge ASAP.

Follow the developer path

Achieve key milestones and plan next steps as you move closer to your goal on the Machine Learning Path: Developer.

Map your data science journey

Explore the world of data science

Build on your math, analytics, and statistics knowledge with a tailored learning program designed to accelerate your machine learning future.

Follow the data scientist path

Use our helpful guide to track your progress and skills growth with the Machine Learning Path: Data Scientist.

Connect with an AWS Machine Learning Hero

Get expert help applying machine learning—for all experience levels

  • Kesha Williams,

    Software Engineer and Training

    Architect and AWS ML Hero

    “AWS Training and Certification helped me to connect the dots and take my machine learning skills to the next level and, as a result, I was able to immediately apply my learnings.”

  • Alex Schultz,

    Senior Software Engineer

    and AWS ML Hero

    “My wife has like a million photos from our family…I'm trying to build a image organizer tagger program, which uses deep learning and computer vision.”

  • Joshua Arvin Lat,

    CTO and AWS ML Hero

    “(Machine learning) allows me to do things that I wasn’t capable of solving before, (such as) security and penetration testing…software engineering, (and) web development.”