Before AWS Machine Learning Training, I used AWS EC2 instances for training my computer vision models. With AWS ML Training and Certification, I gained knowledge and skills on how to use Amazon SageMaker on a wide range of the ML workflow, including image labeling, training and deploying trained model, and getting models out into production faster and more efficiently.
Kire Galev

Freelance Computer Vision Developer

I learned the basics of ML and Amazon SageMaker through self-study, but was looking for a way to quickly level-up my skills. AWS ML Training and Certification helped me to connect the dots and take my ML skills to the next level, and as a result, I was able to immediately apply my learnings to new projects at work and take on a new leadership role.
Kesha Williams

AWS ML Hero, & Software Engineer & Training Architect at A Cloud Guru

I took the AWS ML Certification exam during the AWS Deepracer championship finale at reinvent2019! I found this exam to be challenging but definitely doable for anybody with a data science or machine learning background and is looking to ways to increase ML workflow effectiveness.
Sujoy Dutta

Machine Learning Engineer at Capital One

Machine learning is not just about the state of the art skills, but opportunities to brush up your knowledge and make them powerful. It may change you how to approach and think when you solve problems. Let you dive into ML world with practical metetials on AWS ML training and certification!
Yan So

AWS ML Hero & Data Scientist at Croquis Inc.

AWS has done an awesome job providing high quality digital courses to all professionals and teams around the world. I have personally used these courses and resources to help me go from zero to hero for Machine Learning. If you are looking for quality courses on applied Machine Learning and Machine Learning Engineering training, then you should check out the AWS ML Learning Library.
Joshua Arvin Lat

AWS ML Hero and CTO at Complete Business Online, Insites, and Jepto

As I was getting started with machine learning, the training material offered by AWS helped me learn the skills I needed in order to be successful in my career and personal development as an ML community leader.
Alex Schultz

AWS ML Hero and Senior Software Engineer at Advanced Solutions

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