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Keynote: Key Trends Transforming Media and Entertainment
The media industry is in the midst of massive and accelerating transformation. This keynote conversation reviews the trends that are changing the way content is created, distributed and consumed, and the implications for organizations across the media supply chain. Presenters also share the latest announcements from AWS and discuss how new capabilities can help organizations adapt and thrive in the evolving marketplace.

Duration: 1 hour 7 minutes

Eric Iverson, CTO, Global Media & Entertainment Vertical, AWS
Usman Shakeel, Head of Solution Architecture for M&E, AWS

Content Production Sessions

Session 1: Making MovieLabs’ Vision a Reality with AWS
See how MovieLabs envisions the future of media production, post production, and creative technologies in this exploration of key initiatives that it and AWS are pursuing to make MovieLabs’ 2030 vision a reality. Learn how studio customers use AWS today and ways they can think about the future of production workflows in the cloud.

Duration: 30 minutes

Kim Wendt, Associate Solutions Architect, AWS
Jim Helman, CTO, MovieLabs

Session 2: AWS Content Production: How to Produce and Edit in the Cloud
Production models designed for on-premises workflows can’t keep up with the growing number of distribution requirements and the demand for remote work and operations. In response, AWS focuses on simplifying scalability and complex ops for customers. Learn how virtual production workflows free creative teams at production companies, networks, studios, and post-production houses to access and produce content from any location.

Duration: 20 minutes

Mario Monello, Senior Consult Global M&E, AWS
Mark Stephens, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect Media & Entertainment, AWS

Session 3: Accelerating Deployment of Virtual Workstations for VFX and Animation
AWS has powerful tools to bring your creative vision to life, but it can be intimidating to start. This session goes over the fundamental of setting up virtual workstations on AWS, shares several options for getting started, and gives you access to resources to spin up a simple content creation workstation in as little as 30 minutes.

Duration: 20 minutes

Haley Kannall, CG Supervisor, AWS
John Bennett, Industry Specialist ProServe - M&E, AWS

Broadcast in the Cloud Sessions

Session 1: Broadcast Playout Cloud Transformation
With 1500+ channels originating from AWS, broadcast playout from the cloud isn't as challenging as it may seem. Learn how the AWS Partner Network helps customers find the right partner to make responding to the business requirements of broadcast operations a more agile process, lower the total cost of ownership, and gain the flexibility to scale. In addition, explore recent customer success stories and advances in AWS Media Services.

Duration: 35 minutes

Ian McPherson, M&E Partner Ecosystem Lead, AWS
Srinivasan KA, Co-Founder, Amagi
Matt Westrup, VP Technology and Operations EMEA, A+E Networks UK
Andy Kane, Principal Business Development Manager, AWS

Session 2: Remote Live Production on AWS
With the demand for remote work capabilities rising rapidly, many media and sports customers are looking to increase the flexibility of their live production workloads and reduce the capital expenditure required to operate them. Learn about the latest use cases for live remote production and partner support as we explore new capabilities AWS offers.

Duration: 33 minutes

Aaron Tunnell, Principal M&E Go to Market Specialist, AWS
Claire Southey, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS
Andrew Cross, Ph.D, President Product Development, Vizrt
Jorge Dighero, Solutions Architect, Vizrt

Session 3: Reliable and Uncompressed Video on AWS
Unlock the power of networking techniques used in high-performance computing and apply them to video using AWS Cloud Digital Interface (CDI), a new software development kit (SDK) designed to allow the highest-quality live workflows to run in a pure cloud environment. Learn how customers can leverage AWS Cloud Digital Interface (CDI) to quickly and easily build live uncompressed video workflows in the AWS cloud with all the reliability they enjoy in on-premises operations, but with much greater flexibility and scalability.

Duration: 25 minutes

David Griggs, Senior Product Manager, AWS
Andy Kane, Principal Business Development Manager, AWS
Alan Young, CTO and Head of Strategy, LTN Global

Over-the-top (OTT) Sessions

Session 1: Using AWS to Monetize Direct to Consumer and OTT Offerings
Learn about the key elements of a successful direct-to-consumer (D2C) play for video and how to build them on AWS. Explore the ways data is the starting point of any successful D2C journey, and discover how to solve customer identity resolution and gain actionable customer insights. Investigate new approaches to creating personalized and engaging customer experiences, and how to monetize them.

Duration: 38 minutes

Chris Kuthan, Head WW Business Development - D2C, AWS

Session 2: Building Interactive Live Video Experiences
With the explosive growth of live video streaming come new ways to entertain viewers. Adding interactivity to live video such as polls, emoji reactions, and leaderboards engages audiences and raises the bar for viewing experiences. Learn how AWS can help enable and simplify interactive live video across use cases, explore the key differences between AWS video service options available for live streaming, and get guidance on the best fit for your application.

Duration: 25 minutes

Christer Whitehorn, Lead Solutions Architect - APAC, AWS
Anoop Kumar, Head of Business Development, Amazon IVS

Session 3: Connecting Live Video Sources to AWS Using AWS Elemental Link
Learn about an exciting new device designed to make launching live video events a quick, simple, and painless process. AWS Elemental Link connects live video sources like cameras and production equipment to AWS, and offers a configuration-free, cost-efficient way to securely and reliably transfer video to AWS Elemental MediaLive for delivery to viewers. Hear about current customer use cases, plus workflows, new features, and capabilities.

Duration: 15 minutes

Matt Vegas, Senior Product Manager, AWS
Christer Whitehorn, Lead Solutions Architect - APAC, AWS

Data Science and Machine Learning Sessions

Session 1: “Artificial” AI: Improving Subtitles with Human in-the-Loop Review
As machine learning automation accelerates video delivery workflows, it often requires human involvement to produce high-quality results. In this transcription and translation case study, explore how to capture machine-generated outputs and human edits in feedback loops to help you automatically improve the quality of the workflow outputs over time.

Duration: 32 minutes

Alex Burkleaux, Technical Marketing Engineer, AWS
Ian Downard, Technical Marketing Engineer, AWS

Session 2: Creating Personalized Customer Experiences
Personalizing customer experiences and improving the ability to search for content are proven to increase discoverability, user engagement, and viewer satisfaction—and revenue opportunities for content owners and providers. A number of factors, from changes in content catalogs to customer behavior, can make enabling these mutual benefits difficult to do. Learn about techniques media organizations have successfully implemented to deliver personalized content recommendations and customer experiences, and discover practical approaches to implementing them with AWS machine learning services.

Duration: 25 minutes

Liam Morrison, Principal Solution Architect - AI/ML for M&E, AWS

Session 3: Monetize Your Content with Machine Learning
With the amount of content being produced and streamed increasing, customers are looking at new and innovative ways of monetizing it. Learn about ways machine learning can help, such as finding the ideal places to insert ad breaks. Examine an ad break detection and insertion prototype that uses AI/ML to find and recommend the optimal spots for video ad insertions by using technical cues such as black frames, silence, and shot changes. Discover how content analysis around these markers helps customers select contextually relevant ads or prevent brand quality issues.

Duration: 36 minutes

Lidio Ramalho, Sr. Manager R&D and Innovation, LATAM, AWS
Chris Kuthan, Head WW Business Development - D2C, AWS