The new Amazon GameSparks is coming

At AWS, we are committed to developing solutions that empower developers of every size to build, run, and grow games that delight players. From servers that scale with tens of millions of players anywhere in the world, to databases and analytics services processing and analyzing terabytes to petabytes of data with millisecond latency, we are always listening to customers and evaluating our product roadmaps for delivering the best products and services that they need.

We are building one solution from the ground up with cloud architecture patterns that scale as your game scales, purpose built for games, and tight integrations with AWS and Amazon services. As was pre-announced in our GDC keynote, we're thrilled to pre-announce this new AWS Game Tech service, Amazon GameSparks.

Amazon GameSparks is just one of many solutions designed specifically for game developers, and we’ll have even more to share before the end of the year. We can’t wait to deliver even more ways that our developers will utilize AWS to reduce downtime, save costs, drive innovation, and optimize productivity.

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