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View presentations from the 2021 AWS Financial Services Cloud Symposium, a virtual conference that was designed for executives and professionals in the financial services industry seeking new strategies to drive business transformation. This symposium will give you a behind-the-scenes look at how Financial Services organizations are growing their businesses on AWS. Whether you are new to the cloud or an advanced user, the AWS Financial Services Cloud Symposium will inspire you to accelerate your cloud journey and leave you with a greater understanding of how advances in cloud technology can help solve your business challenges.


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Track 1: Modernize legacy systems & processes »
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Scott Mullins, Head of Worldwide Business and Market Development, AWS Financial Services
Laurence Thiery, Head of Asia Pacific Business and Market Development, AWS Financial Services
Stephan Schmidt-Tank, Head of EMEA Business and Market Development, AWS Financial Services
Saman Far, Vice President of Financial Services Technology, AWS

Learn why three fintech startups chose to build their businesses on AWS and how being cloud native enables them to innovate while meeting the regulatory requirements of their customers. Finxact (US) provides banks with a next-generation cloud-native core platform. Tink (Sweden) is a leading European Open Banking Platform that enables banks, fintechs, and startups to develop data-driven financial services. Verrency (Australia) standardizes the secure delivery of services to banks to drive increased customer engagement and differentiation.

Jim Joyce, Co-founder and CTO, Finxact
Fredrik Hedberg, Co-Founder and CTO, Tink
David Link, CEO, Verrency
Kathryn Van Nuys, Global Head of Fintech Startup Business Development, AWS





Modernize legacy systems & processes

Meeting changing customer expectations

Harness data to drive growth and accelerate

Build and maintain a secure, well-governed environment

Session 1
Modernize manual document workflows with AI and serverless architecture patterns »Effectively and efficiently extracting useful information from large documents like regulatory filings, contracts, loan applications, bank statements, and even images is integral to day-to-day operations in the Financial Services industry. But the mechanisms financial institutions rely on to process these documents are manual, time-consuming, and error-prone. Machine Learning techniques such as Optical Character Recognition and Natural Language Processing can enable organizations to extract text from millions of documents quickly, confidently, and securely. But to do so, these organizations first need to implement intelligent governance programs that allow business users to collaborate with technologists to drive data quality. This session will show how to build a data catalog and establish data lineage as a foundation for document-processing pipelines.

David Kheyman, Community Solutions Architect, AWS

Mojgan Ahmadi, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS

How John Hancock is enhancing the customer and employee experience by modernizing its contact center »John Hancock sought to replace an outdated, on-premises contact center platform with a scalable, cloud-based solution that could improve the customer experience and integrate with Salesforce. They deployed Amazon Connect to over 600 agents and immediately saw a range of benefits, including a fast implementation of chat capabilities to help with COVID volumes, more personalized customer interactions through sentiment analysis and voice-enabled self-service, and an improved agent experience with efficient tools at their fingertips. John Hancock's Average Handle Time decreased, NPS scores increased, and call center and telephony costs went down. They are planning a global deployment in 2021.

Kedar Jalihal, AVP, Principal Product Owner, Connect and Contact Center, John Hancock

Shaughn McCluskey, Go-To-Market Specialist for Insurance, AWS
Driving innovation in Insurance with data analytics at Sun Life Financial »Sun Life Financial is a client-obsessed global enterprise that has transformed the way it utilizes digital data and analytics to help those clients achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives. By migrating disparate legacy data to a scalable AWS data lake, Sun Life realized a 300-percent increase in capacity and performance of its data and analytics capabilities. They have now deployed an ecosystem of AI/ML capabilities which they are integrating with their business processes, including fraud detection, next-best-offer functionality, and actuarial analytics. As a result, Sun Life have transformed the company culture to one that is focused on innovation and experimentation.

David Atkinson, Vice President, Data and Analytics, Sun Life

Jayme Hart, Industry Specialist - Insurance, AWS Financial Services

Provable Security: The What’s, Why’s and How’s for Financial Services Companies »Provable security is a concept that uses automated reasoning to prove desired security properties within a system. This session will discuss why provable security is important for regulated financial institutions and how financial institutions can leverage AWS services such as AWS Audit Manager, AWS Config Managed Rules, Macie, GuardDuty, S3 and others, to strengthen their security posture.

John Carlson, Principal, Global Financial Services Industry Lead (Security Assurance), AWS

Session 2
Morgan Stanley’s journey to migrate their Equities Risk calculations to the AWS Cloud using EC2 Spot »Morgan Stanley has established a cloud-first strategy designed to enable more resilient, scalable, and cost effective alternatives to meet ever growing compute and data requirements. Calculating the firms’ risk positions in a timely manner, a very compute intensive operation, is a prime example of this need. Learn how the Morgan Stanley team re-factored a key risk calculation platform for their equities business to run at scale on AWS. In this session the team will describe how it leveraged several AWS services, including EC2 Spot, to migrate a portion of the existing High Performance Compute footprint to AWS to meet growth requirements in
a cost efficient manner.

Vikas Chawla, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

Anthony Galleno, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS
Partnering with AWS to accelerate Wise achieving its mission »Wise (formerly Transferwise) are on a mission to make the movement of money instant, transparent, and eventually free, no matter where you are based. Learn why cloud adoption supports this mission and how Wise can aspire to being eventually free. Harsh Sinha (CTO) and Fiedhilm O'Neill (Director of Platform Engineering) discuss their cloud journey--scaling up to drive down cost, leveraging speed-to-market with increasing reliability expectations, and how customer transparency works.

Harsh Sinha, CTO, Wise

Feidhlim O'Neill, Director of Platform Engineering, Wise

Planning FINRA’s Future Search powered by Amazon Kendra and Neptune »FINRA invests in the next frontier of user enablement by unlocking users’ ability to search data available to them. Like many large enterprises, FINRA wants to make productive use of information scattered across many data stores within their organization. Amazon Kendra is an easy-to-use intelligent search service, powered by machine learning, which enables your applications and end users to search content repositories of unstructured data buried in multiple locations. FINRA conducted experiments on how they can leverage search across many applications, including Amazon Neptune knowledge graphs, and will use this session to discuss their experiences, lessons learned, and path forward.

Blayze Stefaniak, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

Dmytro Dolgopolov, Senior Director, FINRA

Daniel O’Brien, Director, FINRA

Centralised governance through Global Cloud Services at HSBC »In the past, organizations have had to choose between innovating faster and maintaining control over cost, compliance, and security. With AWS Management and Governance services, AWS helped HSBC to build a centralised Governance though Global Cloud Services at HSBC. This allows HSBC to innovate and control costs at the same time. With AWS, HSBC can enable, provision, and operate their environment for both business agility and governance control.

Ian Haynes, CTO, Global Cloud Services, HSBC

Rowan Taylor, Senior Manager, AWS Financial Services

Session 3
Global Payments' Journey to modernize its issuer processing infrastructure with AWS » Global Payments is continuing on a strategic cloud journey to modernize its processing infrastructure with AWS. This is a transformational project involving not only technical teams from Global Payments and AWS, but also Business Development, Compliance, Regulatory, Information Security, and Relationship Management and Sales. Given the level of sensitivity regarding card and transactional information behind payment processing solutions, moving payment processing applications and capabilities to the cloud requires a close collaboration to ensure all of these key aspects are covered. Global Payments will share their experience with AWS throughout this cloud journey, and their impressions of their secure, reliable, and innovative payment solutions at scale to future-proof payments technologies.

Paul Daffin, Chief Product Officer, Global Payments/TSYS, Issuer Solutions

Scott Carter, Chief Technology Officer, Global Payments/TSYS, Issuer Solutions

How customers can benefit from Murex MX.3 SaaS on AWS »Confidence is key when running applications that are mission critical to financial services; customers demand SaaS solutions that meet the highest standards and enable them to respond at speed to constantly changing market conditions. Hear how Murex, the global leader in trading, risk management, and processing solutions for capital markets, built MX.3 SaaS on AWS, enabling customers to take advantage of Murex’s highly scalable, resilient, agile, and secure platform. MX.3 is a mission-critical platform that covers all asset classes and is trusted by financial organizations globally to run trading, treasury, risk and post-trade operations.

Arnaud de Chavagnac, Head of Cloud, Technology and Services Marketing, Murex

Charlie Sanderson, Principal Partner Development, AWS

How Morningstar innovates with data on AWS »Access to vast amounts of data, data science, and analytics are becoming distinguishing factors of success. Morningstar built their Notebooks Platform, fueled by a data lake on AWS, in order to enable financial services users of all skill levels to dynamically query data from different sources. With speed, flexibility, and ease, users can combine and integrate data sets, run analytics, prepare reports, and create shareable live code and visualizations. James Rhodes, CTO of Morningstar, will discuss why they chose to build Notebooks on AWS and how it empowers customers to meet fast-evolving regulatory requirements or satisfy their appetite for ESG investing.

James Rhodes, CTO, Morningstar

How Fidelity Investments democratized cloud operational insights »At re:Invent 2020 Fidelity Investments introduced our enterprise-wide cloud observability solution. In this session, we will review key points of that solution and also discuss how we make it easier for teams to gain insight into the performance of our environment. We will demonstrate our solution: a simple, easy-to-maintain single pane of glass that relies on serverless technologies including AWS Lambda, Step Functions, Athena, and Quicksight, to provide anyone from development teams to business leaders the ability to analyze cloud operational data and derive key insights to drive decision-making and planning across the enterprise.

David Jackson, Director, Cloud Architecture, Fidelity Investments

Alan Harney, Principal System Engineer, Fidelity Investments

Product Session: How AWS is innovating to support its Financial Services customers »

John Lucking, Principal Solutions Architect - Financial Services, AWS

At AWS we are constantly experimenting and innovating on behalf of our customers. This session will review how our newest services and features are helping Financial Services companies to innovate and transform, from scaling their use of advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities to making it easier to connect digitally with your customers.


  • Dirk DidascalouVice President, IoT, Amazon Web Services

    Dirk Didascalou
    Vice President, IoT,
    Amazon Web Services

  • Dr. Stefan Schloter SVP DTO, Deutsche Telekom IT GmbH

    Dr. Stefan Schloter
    SVP DTO, Deutsche Telekom IT GmbH

  • Aparna KhurjekarSenior Vice President, Customer Experience & Transformation, Verizon Consumer Group

    Aparna Khurjekar
    Senior Vice President, Customer Experience & Transformation, Verizon Consumer Group

  • Mallikarjun RaoChief Technology & Information Officer, Telefonica, Deutschland

    Mallikarjun Rao
    Chief Technology & Information Officer, Telefonica, Deutschland

  • Thierry Sender Director of IoT and Real-Time Enterprise Product Strategy, Verizon

    Thierry Sender
    Director of IoT and Real-Time Enterprise Product Strategy, Verizon

  • Willie StegmannGroup Chief Information Officer, Vodacom

    Willie Stegmann
    Group Chief Information Officer, Vodacom

  • Jason McKelligetDirector Of DevOps Transformation BT TV & Broadband, BT

    Jason McKelliget
    Director Of DevOps Transformation BT TV & Broadband, BT

  • Sonny WhiteheadSenior Director, Magenta Prepaid & Subscription Billing, T-Mobile US

    Sonny Whitehead
    Senior Director, Magenta Prepaid & Subscription Billing, T-Mobile US

  • Jennifer Didoni Head of Cloud Portfolio, Vodafone

    Jennifer Didoni
    Head of Cloud Portfolio, Vodafone

  • Andrei IvanovPrincipal Technology Architect, Telus

    Andrei Ivanov
    Principal Technology Architect, Telus

  • Manish MauryaDeputy General Manager, Tata Communications

    Manish Maurya
    Deputy General Manager, Tata Communications

  • Andrew DunnettVodafone Group Director, SDGs, Sustainable Business & Foundations, Vodafone Foundation

    Andrew Dunnett
    Vodafone Group Director, SDGs, Sustainable Business & Foundations, Vodafone Foundation

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