RONIN: Cloud Research Simplified

RONIN: Cloud Research Simplified

The RONIN team, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), has worked with a number of leading research organisations and universities to develop a software solution that frees researchers from traditional on-premises constraints. This allows researchers to instantiate and scale their research with cloud computing at the click of a button.

RONIN is a user-friendly web application that lets researchers launch complex compute resources within minutes, create their own auto-scaling cluster that can be shut down when the job is done, and access a detailed cost breakdown at machine level.

RONIN offers critical functions of object storage, including key management, versioning, and data life cycling to long-term storage—all without the worry of permissions, networking, and writing bucket policies.

This webinar will show you how to use the power of the cloud to improve your institution’s research output.

Learning objectives

  • Cost and time savings for researchers

  • How to set up and run workloads on the RONIN system

  • Benefits of unified reports


Nathan Albrighton – CEO and Co-Founder, RONIN
Francis Dauncey – Solutions Architect Manager, AWS


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