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The Information & eGovernment Authority (IGA) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) signed a partnership in April 2017 with the objective to reduce costs and boost the efficiency and development of skills across its present and future workforce.
Tamkeen has agreed with the IGA to subsidize 100% of the AWS Training for all national IT workforce within the Government of Bahrain.

The IGA's first step towards achieving this objective was to draft the cloud first policy, which was approved by a vast majority, and is now waiting to be enacted through training initiatives like this one. The details of the cloud first policy is publicly available at www.nea.gov.bh/Cloud-First-Policy. In line with the Bahraini government cloud strategy the IGA partnered with Tamkeen to fund AWS training and certification for the government's IT upskilling in the Cloud.

Scope of the Program:

Business Essentials Training

Technical Essentials Training

Architecting on AWS Learning Path

System Operations Learning Path

Developing on AWS Learning Path

Security Specialty Learning Path

Eligibility for the Program - Check list:

  • The candidate should have Bahraini citizenship.
  • The candidate should be nominated by the Government entity.
  • The candidate should be approved by the IGA.
  • Preferably, the candidate should be from the ICT department (or in a corresponding ICT role) of a government entity.
  • The candidate should be an employee in one of the targeted entities: +70 Government entities including all ministries, authorities owned by GoB and all entities in which the GoB owns more than 70%, such as Mumtlkat and its subsidiaries or NOGA and its companies.
  • The candidate should have some exposure to cloud technologies.
  • The candidate should have interest to explore, learn and apply the skills acquired through the different training courses he/she is nominated for.
  • The candidate should study and attend the relevant exams.
  • The candidate should be a vocal advocate of the AWS cloud transformation program at his/her workplace.
  • The candidate has to be nominated by their respective training departments/authorized representatives.

Useful resources

How to register on AWS training portal on specific course: Download Guide
How to book Exam: Download Guide

Kindly note that all the above information will be shared with IGA and Tamkeen and relative authorities for eligibility and fund approval.
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