IDC Whitepaper: Train to Accelerate Your Cloud Strategy

Read how IDC found that comprehensive training helps businesses get more from their cloud investment.

Download our whitepaper: Train to Accelerate Your Cloud Strategy

AWS_Training_Certification_20180426_Thumbnail_r1t1.jpgHow cloud training and certification can lift your IT career

The rapid growth of cloud computing means new challenges for organizations — and one of the biggest is lack of training. There just aren’t enough people trained in cloud services to keep up with demand. Jobs are going unfilled, while salaries for highly trained IT workers are going up.
This cloud skills gap also has a big impact on organizational performance. An inadequately trained IT workforce means delays in developing new products and solutions, difficulties meeting quality objectives and increased employee stress.
The best way to bridge the cloud skills gap? Training.
In this new e-book you’ll learn:
  • How comprehensive training from a cloud service provider like Amazon Web Services benefits organizations
  • How attaining an AWS Certification can grow the career (and salary) of IT professionals 
  • What training path best meets your goals and needs

Download our whitepaper: Train to Accelerate Your Cloud Strategy

IDC Whitepaper

Our cloud adoption research showed that training in cloud-based computing helped organizations accelerate cloud adoption and achieve business objectives sooner.

We also found that comprehensive training—a combination of cloud fundamentals and deep-cloud technical training— yielded greater organizational benefits than minimal or no cloud training. Comprehensively trained organizations are:

  • 80% faster to adopt cloud.
  • 3.8x more likely to meet cloud ROI requirements.
  • 2.7x more likely to jump-start innovation.
We learned that 90% of organizations that employ an AWS certified IT professional say they trust the certification to prepare a candidate or an employee for a cloud-related role in the IT organization.
AWS Training and Certification offers a range of resources to help organizations build the cloud skills they need.

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