Ebook: Close the Cloud Skills Gap with Private Classroom Training

Learn how private on-site or virtual classroom training can help close this skills gap.

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AWS_Training_Certification_20180426_Thumbnail_r1t1.jpgHow cloud training and certification can lift your IT career

The rapid growth of cloud computing means new challenges for organizations — and one of the biggest is lack of training. There just aren’t enough people trained in cloud services to keep up with demand. Jobs are going unfilled, while salaries for highly trained IT workers are going up.
This cloud skills gap also has a big impact on organizational performance. An inadequately trained IT workforce means delays in developing new products and solutions, difficulties meeting quality objectives and increased employee stress.
The best way to bridge the cloud skills gap? Training.
In this new e-book you’ll learn:
  • How comprehensive training from a cloud service provider like Amazon Web Services benefits organizations
  • How attaining an AWS Certification can grow the career (and salary) of IT professionals 
  • What training path best meets your goals and needs

Download our ebook on private classroom training

Cloud Skills Ebook

AWS private classroom training does more than effectively and efficiently impart skills that enable cloud innovation. It also helps build team spirit around your organization’s cloud strategy while creating groups of similarly trained peers who can mentor one another.

Classroom training is uniquely inclusive of the different ways that employees like to learn. Hands-on exercises, as well as direct interaction with instructors and among peers, provide more opportunities to support comprehension and retain learning. Plus, private training dedicated to your team encourages a free exchange of ideas and issues relevant to your organization’s current and future cloud needs. Whether delivered on-site or virtually, instructors deliver the same learning experience to your team in the most convenient way.

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