Join respected Machine Learning experts in this unique webinar series to discover how to get started and how to innovate your applications

Software Businesses can leverage AWS Machine Learning and AI services to innovate their solutions.
Innovation enables you to differentiate your products, increase customer retention and delights your customers.

In this webinar series we will cover both the business and technology trends. You can attend one of all of the webinars in our series.

  • Zoe Hillenmeyer, CCO of Peak AI, will share her insights on how AI has transformed in the last 10 years and how it could drive practical innovation in your business in the next 10 years. 
  • AWS Solution Architect experts will focus on the technology aspects on the possibilities offered by AI/ML and share how to start adopting this technology in your products (2 parts).
  • We will conclude with an Executive 'Lunch and Learn' session where you will hear the latest trends and thought leadership insights from Steven Fung, AWS Senior AI/ML specialist, AWS Commercial Leader, Paddy Fitzpatrick and Richard Potter, Co-founder and CEO of Peak AI.