Register for the Zombie Apocalypse Workshop

And Help Save the World...

Chicago, IL | Thursday, July 20 | 6-9pm

Thank you to all the participants who attended this workshop! If you are interested in attending a serverless workshop in your city or for more information please visit


A widespread viral infection transmitted through bites that cause human corpses to reanimate has spread to every major metropolitan area around the world. In order to fight this battle, we invite you with great urgency to register and attend an AWS Zombie Microservices Workshop to rebuild what remains of our great civilization.

Mission Details:

The AWS Lambda Signal Corps has built a serverless communications system using AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon API Gateway to connect survivors. The Corps will be travelling across the globe to deliver workshops on building this communications system. After introducing the basics of building microservices with Lambda and API Gateway, we look to you to add additional life saving features - food caches, panic buttons, etc. - to the platform.

The fate of our civilization is in your hands.