Help Wild Rydes disrupt transportation with unicorn rides!

Join the Wild Rydes serverless workshop.

Thursday, July 20 | Santa Monica, CA | 6-9pm

Thank you to all the participants who attended this workshop! If you are interested in attending a serverless workshop in your city or for more information please visit
It's your first week at a cutting-edge new startup, Wild Rydes. They need your help building their unicorn ride sharing platform using serverless architectures. People trying to get home from happy hour are depending on you.

Startup details:
Introducing Wild Rydes, a new innovative unicorn transportation service that helps people get to their destination faster and hassle-free. You simply open the Wild Rydes app, request a unicorn, and then wait for the nearest unicorn to arrive and pick you up. It’s better, faster, safer, and more magical. With fresh venture capital funding, Wild Rydes seeks your help to build its technology platform with serverless architectures.

Hop on board today to help Wild Rydes build the future of magical transportation!