A beginner’s guide to genomics in the cloud with RONIN and AWS

Research Computing with RONIN on AWS

Join us for the inaugural session of IMAGINE: The Future of Education, a series of conversations with (and for) education leaders who are adapting and thriving in our new normal.


Ready to harness the power of cloud computing for your genomics workflows? This webinar will take you through the basics of getting started with cloud computing and demonstrate how RONIN can simplify the analysis of your biological data. From the simple management of large datasets and customized compute environments, to easy data visualization and integration with GUI servers, you will explore many of RONIN’s most useful features. Whether you are already an experienced bioinformatician or just getting started with genomic analyses, this webinar will reveal how RONIN can help you unlock the true potential of cloud computing for your research.


55 minutes


Parice Brandies, PhD Candidate, the School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Sydney

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