“The cloud on its weakest day is more secure than a client-server solution.”

– Sean Roche, Digital Innovation Directorate, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Data is your organization’s best strategic asset, which is why safeguarding it against cyber threats like ransomware attacks, natural disasters, and emergencies is a top priority. Legacy data storage, such as tape, makes sharing and protecting data costly and time consuming—but there’s a better way with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

It’s time to improve data protection in the AWS Cloud and bolster IT resilience with secure backups, active archiving, and cloud-based disaster recovery that lowers costs, and strengthens your security posture.

Register for the AWS webinar series to learn how to advance on backup, archiving, and recovery from data protection practitioners. From guarding against ransomware threats to preparing for natural disaster scenarios, we’ll share strategies on protecting your organizational data.

Extracting Value from Data Backups and Archives
Using AWS capabilities to make the most of your backup data 

Protecting Your Data from Ransomware Attacks and the Aftermath
Data protection: How to deal with ransomware threats

Improving Your Disaster Response, Recovery, and Resilience Strategy with AWS 
Using CloudEndure to prepare for data protection in emergencies


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