AWS Security Webinar: The Key to Effective Cloud Encryption

AWS Security Webinar: The Key to Effective Cloud Encryption

Protect everything and stay secure in the cloud

It’s essential to protect your private data at all times, especially when you don’t control all the hardware and software components with access to that information. Encryption is a powerful way for organisations to maintain an appropriate level of data confidentiality and integrity.

AWS offers many options for using encryption to protect your data in transit and at rest. A variety of features let you determine how much control you want over your encryption keys to achieve the right level of security. Join this two-hour deep dive webinar to learn which AWS encryption features are available, when to use them, and how to integrate them in your workloads.

  • Discover how to use encryption to protect your data in the cloud

  • Understand various key management architectures to determine whether they meet your needs

  • Explore AWS encryption features like AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) and AWS CloudHSM

About your presenters


Tim Rains, AWS Regional Leader, Security & Compliance Business Acceleration, Worldwide Public Sector

Tim Rains is Amazon Web Services’ Regional Leader for Security and Compliance in Europe. A frequent industry speaker and 20-year IT security veteran, his previous roles include Director of Cyber-Security Strategy at Las Vegas Sands, the world’s largest gaming company, and the Global Chief Security Advisor for Microsoft.
Dave Walker

Dave Walker, Security Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS

Dave Walker is a Specialist Solution Architect for Security and Compliance at AWS. Previously a Security Subject Matter Expert at Sun Microsystems, he has been helping companies and public sector organisations meet industry-specific and Critical National Infrastructure security requirements since 1993. Dave also has an executive role on Security and e-Crime at the Conservative Science and Technology Forum, and has contributed at the British Computer Society and the Information Assurance Advisory Council.

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