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AWS Smart Cloud Policy Whitepaper

AWS Smart Cloud-Native Policy Whitepaper

The world’s leading digital governments rely on the cloud’s flexibility, innovation, and scale to empower officials with the insight they need to deliver top-tier public services.

A cloud-first or cloud-native policy directs or requires government agencies to look to use commercial cloud services as the primary enabler for IT modernization.

A well-crafted cloud-first or cloud-native policy can lead to cost savings, provides greater security than on premise solutions, allows the flexibility for government entities to adjust usage, and augments efforts for workforce development and transparency.

About This Whitepaper:

Governments from Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Chile, the Philippines, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States, and more have adopted smart cloud policies to modernize their IT infrastructure. The AWS Smart Cloud-Native Policy whitepaper looks at global cloud policies and best practices, focusing on the five areas listed below - with excerpts from cloud policies and strategies from around the world.

  1. Promoting Cloud-First and Cloud-Native Policies. Governments issue a policy statement with an actionable directive – including timetables—that creates a framework for the implementation of cloud technologies, clarifies the roles and responsibilities of government entities and Cloud Providers, and establishes a cloud procurement vehicle.
  2. Cloud Accreditation, Compliance, and Security. Governments use existing domestic and international cloud-centric accreditation systems to evaluate cloud providers (rather than create their own unique certification programs) and leverage the shared responsibility model for cloud security.
  3. Data Classification. Governments categorize their data based on its level of sensitivity, and then manage each segment in a manner congruent with its level of sensitivity.
  4. Data Privacy and Control. Governments establish and/or adopt complementary cloud-centric security, data processing, and privacy policies to support a successful transition to the cloud.
  5. Cloud Contracting and Procurement. Instituting a contracting vehicle that agencies can use to gain the full benefits of cloud, with cloud-centric terms and conditions, pricing, governance, security, etc.

The full AWS team is at the disposal of government leaders to help develop and implement smart cloud policies.

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