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AWS Smart Cloud Policy Whitepaper

AWS Smart Cloud Policy Whitepaper

It has not taken long for cloud computing to disrupt the technology world. In just over a decade, initial skepticism of cloud as a novelty has given way to broad consensus that cloud is the new normal and is here to stay.

Business leaders, industry watchers, academics, and governments increasingly assert that cloud is more than just a like-for-like replacement for traditional methods of computing. Instead, cloud is seen as revolutionary—reinventing enterprise IT and democratizing leading-edge technology.

Well-designed cloud policies are already enabling government customers around the world to quickly adopt the scalable, secure, cost-effective, and innovative capabilities of cloud technology. The AWS Smart Cloud Policy whitepaper examines how cloud policy can accelerate cloud adoption, enhance understanding of the cloud model, and promote integration of key operational activities when moving to the cloud.

About This Whitepaper:

The AWS Smart Cloud Policy whitepaper highlights global cloud policy best practices, focusing on the five areas listed below - with excerpts from cloud policies and strategies from around the world.
  1. Cloud First/Cloud Native Policy
  2. Accreditation, Compliance, and Security
  3. Data Classification
  4. Data Privacy and Control
  5. Contracting and Procurement

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