Citizens want services that are fair, accessible, and equitable. Public sector executives, nonprofits, department heads, and ministers are all committed to digital innovation that improves the customer experience in this way. The question is, how can organisations get there faster and more cost-effectively?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Innovation team has two simple missions: leave the world a better place, and pave the way for disruptive innovation. To work towards these goals, we share our innovation methodologies to enable organisations to drive systemic change, and help achieve their missions today and into the future.

One of the innovation methodologies we use is the Working Backwards process. The process is designed to help organisations and their teams define a new product, service, experience or strategy, and rapidly bring the solution to life. These highly collaborative engagements are inspired by the same customer-centric methods used by Amazon to develop breakthrough innovations our customers love, such as Amazon Prime, Amazon Kindle, AWS, Amazon Echo and Alexa, and Amazon Go.

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