Upgrade + Migration = Cost Savings

  • Leverage Datavail’s expertise and experience to plan and execute your SQL Server 2008 and R2 upgrades and migrations to AWS for effortless scalability and cost savings.
  • Add Datavail’s DBA team as your trusted advisors after the upgrades and migrations are completed to improve performance and help increase database availability, reliability, security, integrity, and recoverability.

Phase 1: Discover

  • Take inventory of your SQL Server instances
  • Identify compatibility issues with Upgrade Advisor
  • Review with your team on the compatibility issues
  • Collect baseline performance metrics

Phase 2: Plan and Target

  • Assess the ideal AWS infrastructure for your workloads (Amazon RDS or EC2)
  • Explore the migration options
  • Review the upgrade strategies (in-place or side-by-side)
  • Finalize the sequencing and steps
  • Agree on the rollback plan

Phase 3: Upgrade and Migrate

  • Upgrade/migrate the lower environment such as dev and QA
  • QA and validate with thorough testing
  • Remediate issues as they arise
  • update and revise the upgrade/migration plan as needed
  • Stimulate the real upgrades/migration with the test and stage environments
  • Upgrade/migrate the production environment

Get Your Free Migration Consultation

For further information on Datavail’s Microsoft Workloads Database Migration Services, please click the link below. FREE 30-minute consultation for the first 10 scheduled meetings each week. Visit:

https://www.datavail.com/resources/sql-server-2008- extended-support-ends-2019-plan-now/

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