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Using AWS for Business Continuity Planning

Broadcast Date:
 Feb 20, 2020


Level 100
In an unpredictable environment, businesses need to be ready for anything. Such as dealing with spikes in demand at your eCommerce site. Managing building-wide power outages and coping with quarantines. Or simply allowing employees to work from home without compromising daily business operations.Join us in this webinar to learn how your organization can embrace and adapt to changes easily with some pay-as-you-go, ready-to-choose AWS services.

In this session you’ll learn:

-    The importance of Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
-    AWS BCP Solutions with Amazon Workspaces, Amazon Chime & Amazon WorkDocs
-    How to get started with the AWS BCP with a hassle-free trial bundle offer

Kenneth Wong, Business Development Manager, AWS
Benson Kwong, Solutions Architect, AWS

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