An Insiders’ View: How to Drive Innovation with AWS Cloud 

Join My AWS Story on May 11 at 10:00 to learn more about the cloud innovation journeys of local and international companies, and discover what is required for you to take the same path.

Customers from Rami Levi, Simense Valore, Teva, and Yad2 will share insights and best practices on harnessing the AWS Cloud to optimize processes, innovate, and provide richer customer experiences. You’ll also learn more about the tools and solutions available to accelerate your company's migration to the AWS Cloud, and have the opportunity to pose your questions to AWS experts.

This event is relevant for anyone interested in moving and expanding their business to the AWS Cloud.

Panel Speakers:

Boaz Circle-02.jpg Shlomi Otmazgin Oren Manor Ron Efraty

Yaron Nir

Sr. Director
Head of Digital Health Platform


Shlomi Otmazgin



Oren Manor

Director, Business Development


Ron Efraty

Chairman of the Board Cofix
and CEO 
Rami Levy Communications





 AWS Partners: