What’s next for your school or institutional data strategy? 

Data isn’t just the building blocks of a compliance report. It can provide rich insights to guide growth, institutional improvement, and support student outcomes. Watch this two-part webinar series on-demand to learn education specific best practices and use cases for data and analytics services, such as, how to:

  • Deliver business intelligence to academic program leaders, functional leaders, and faculty
  • Reduce time to reporting and connect data from various campus data silos
  • Incorporate automated speech to improve learning outcomes
  • Prompt action with at-risk populations through machine learning insights 


Modernize and unify your institutional data in the AWS Cloud 

In education, data is siloed in transactional systems, hard to get to, and time consuming to analyze. Achieving a modern data strategy for education institutions—including higher education and primary/secondary schools—is critical for technology leaders. Hear an overview of how Amazon data and databases services can reduce costs, accelerate innovation, and improve the staff and student experience. Learn the impact of migrating your on-premises databases and backend applications to AWS Cloud. And how migrating and centralizing siloed data sets can improve use, discovery and analysis of institutional data to better inform decision making. Finally, learn how AWS is helping customers in the education vertical achieve their strategic goals, and what use cases to consider.

Reshaping the education industry with advanced data insights

Discover how organizations are turning to advanced analytics to foster innovation and deliver value to students of all ages. Accelerate gaining a 360-degree view of learners to deliver a personalized experience through data lakes, and then expand to advanced analytics, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. In this session, you will hear how Amazon analytics, business intelligence (BI), AI, and ML services are being used by customers in real solutions to transform the education industry.


Karthik Murugan

Karthik Murugan, Analytics Go-To-Market Specialist, AWS

Karthik is a part of the AWS worldwide specialist organization based in Sydney, Australia. His technology experience includes supporting education organizations such as the University of New Castle to define their transformational roadmap. He focuses on supporting organizations in key areas such as cybersecurity, smart campus initiatives, student management, and high-performance computing used in genomics. 

Craig Jordan

Craig Jordan, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

Craig Jordan is a Senior Solutions Architect with AWS and a member of the AWS Data Solutions for Education team that is developing reusable architectural guidance to help higher education customers learn and apply AWS analytics and machine learning services to quickly build their own solutions. When he’s not working on technology solutions, he enjoys home improvement projects and opportunities to play piano.

Danielle Yardy

Danielle Yardy, Senior Business Development Manager, AWS

Danielle Yardy is part of the AWS Higher Education Strategy team in the US, where she focuses on enabling colleges and universities to turn their vast amounts of data into wisdom that impacts student outcomes and institutional missions. Danielle holds a PhD in Renaissance Literature, and spent time lecturing in the UK before moving into the world of technology.

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