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AWS Mobile Week | San Francisco

AWS provides a range of services to help you deliver mobile apps that can scale to millions of users and reach global audiences. Join us for Mobile Week at the AWS Pop-up Loft for a step by step journey through the services, architectures and best practices in the development of mobile webs apps and native applications with AWS.


Mobile App Development with AWS | Tuesday, August 1 | 1:00PM-5:30PM

12:30PM-1:00PM | Check-In

1:00PM-2:00PM | Introduction and Overview of Mobile App and Web App Development with AWS: This overview session will walk through Mobile app development using AWS, creating iOS and Android applications with AWS using AWS Mobile Hub to create projects and add/configure AWS resources for those projects including , advanced authentication and authorization for user sign-up and sign-in and resource management, data bases and data storage, conversational bot interfaces for mobile apps, multi-channel messaging and analytics, testing of mobile applications on real devices, hosting and streaming of web apps, connectors for enterprise resources, and cloud logic with serverless mobile architectures. Level 200 

2:00PM-2:15PM | Break

2:15PM-3:45PM | Building Native Mobile Applications for iOS and Android with AWS Mobile SDK: The AWS Mobile Hub and SDK is a powerful tool for quickly building native mobile applications that leverage the power of Amazon Web Services. This session will walk through what you need to know to make best use of it. Level 300

3:45PM-4:00PM | Break

4:00PM-5:30PM | Testing Applications with AWS Device Farm: AWS Device Farm lets you improve the quality of your app by testing and interacting with real Android and iOS devices in the AWS Cloud. In this session, we will explain how to use Device Farm to run automated tests on 100s of real devices, and get logs, screenshots, and performance data in minutes. We will also show a demo of the Remote Access feature which lets you to interact with physical devices in real time through your web browser. Level 300

Amazon Cognito and Amazon Pinpoint, Ionic Framework | Wednesday, August 2, 1:00PM-5:30PM

12:30PM-1:00PM | Check-In

1:00PM-2:30PM | Add End user sign-in, User management, and Security to your Mobile and Web Applications with Amazon Cognito: Whether you are building mobile or web applications, you often need to enable a secure way for users to sign up and sign in. Amazon Cognito enables you to secure your mobile and web applications by providing a comprehensive identity solution for end user management, registration, sign-in, and security. In this session, we will walk through the feature set, which includes serverless flows for user management and sign-in, a fully managed user directory, and a bulk import tool. In addition, we will cover key use cases including taking advantage of the built-in support of user sign-up and sign-in forms that are customizable and brandable, social identity provider integration via Facebook, Google, and Twitter, and enterprise directory integration via SAML federation and OAuth2 support. Level 300

2:30PM-2:45PM | Break

2:45PM-3:45PM | AWS Mobile Tech Talk Ionic Framework and AWS: Javascipt is an increasing popular technology for building mobile applications and one of the most popular JS technologies is the Ionic Framework. In this session you will learn about how you can use the Ionic Framework and AWS Mobile Hub to build and deploy JS based applications that use AWS resources on the back-end, vastly simplifying your development effort and reducing your time to market. Level 200

3:45PM-4:00PM | Break

4:00PM-5:30PM Digital User Engagement via Multi-Channel Messaging, Campaigns and User and App Analytics with Amazon Pinpoint: This session will discuss in detail how to drive user engagement for your applications using Amazon Pinpoint. User engagement is critical to achieving the business outcomes and objectives for your app. Improvements in user engagement can drive better conversion rates, user retention, and other metrics that are critical to your goals. Messaging is a key service for improving user engagement, and the best results are achieved by using multi-channel messaging campaigns with in app mobile push notifications, SMS text messages, and email. Messages are part of defined campaigns and can be used for targeted and transactional communications. Finally, its critical to have sophisticated analytics to understand your user behavior and how it is affected by the messages you send and the results that being achieved. Level 200

AWS Mobile Hub and AWS Device Farm Hands on Workshops |Thursday, August 3 | 1:00PM-5:30PM

12:30PM-1:00PM | Check-In

1:00PM-2:00PM | Hands on Workshop: Creating projects with AWS Mobile Hub: Mobile app development can be complex and time-consuming. In this session, we will demonstrate how AWS Mobile Hub makes it easier for you to develop mobile apps by providing a single, integrated experience for discovering, provisioning, and configuring AWS cloud resources. Level 200

2:00PM-2:15PM | Break

2:15-3:45PM | Conversational Bot Interfaces for Mobile Applications with Amazon Lex Support: Building Conversation Bot Interfaces with Amazon AI and Machine Learning frameworks. Amazon Lex is a sophisticated AI/ML system for creating conversational interfaces to applications with advances automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language processing (NLP). Most developers are not experts in building AI/ML models for ASR and NLP, but with Amazon Lex and AWS Mobile Hub, you can quickly and easily add these types of voice chat bot interfaces to your application and set them up with vocabularies and workflows specific to the domain of your application using your subject matter expertise without having to know the ins and outs of the underlying technology. Level 300

3:45PM-4:00PM | Break

4:00PM-5:30PM | Deep-Dive: Developing Mobile Web Applications with AWS: This session details how the AWS Mobile Hub supports the hosting and streaming of mobile web applications to speed up your development. Level 300


Event Details

Date: Tue-Thu, August 1-3, 2017
Time: 1:00PM-5:30PM
Location: 1446 Market St, San Francisco (view map)

Pre-registration is now closed. Please feel free to walk-in day of.