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How a National Transportation Software Provider Migrated a Mission-Critical Test Infrastructure to AWS with Cascadeo

Organizations are looking to transform their businesses and increase agility by moving Microsoft workloads to the cloud, but need help understanding the smoothest migration path. Cascadeo combines extensive experience with best-in-class tooling, enabling you to seamlessly transition your Microsoft workloads from on-premises data centers to AWS.

In this webinar, Cascadeo will show you how they helped a national transportation software provider build an AWS architecture that enables them to effectively support more than 3,300 complex integration tests against nightly builds of their Interoperable Train Control Messaging (ITCM) application. You’ll also learn about how this software provider can scale on-demand, has improved governance and cost management, and rapidly supports new projects without increasing IT overhead using AWS.

Join us to Learn:
  • How Cascadeo helped a software provider avoid costly hardware purchases and save approximately 55% of their IT operational costs by moving to AWS
  • How automating deployment of testing infrastructure can reduce costs and increase quality and repeatability
  • How to migrate Windows workloads to AWS with minimal disruption to your business
When: Available On Demand (please register to view)

Who Should Attend:
Technology Decision Makers, IT Managers, Systems Administrators, Security Engineers, Security Architects, Solutions Architects

AWS Speaker:  Vadim Astakhov, Solutions Architect

Cascadeo Speaker:  Jared Reimer, CTO