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Microservices have a multitude of benefits for business. By breaking up monolithic architectures into a series of individual components that communicate via well-defined APIs, they allow you to build better apps faster and at a lower cost.

In our eBook, Breaking Up the Monolith: Adopting Microservices on AWS to Foster Agility and Innovation, we identify the challenges presented by monolithic architectures and discuss the things you will need to do to make your transition to microservices architecture go smoothly, including choosing between containers and serverless computing, as well as key security considerations.

    Microservices allows your development team to work as a series of small, independent teams. This typically creates greater agility and throughput than when those teams act as one unit.
    Flexible Scaling
    Each component of a microservices-based application has the ability to scale up and down as needed without impacting the other components.
    Easy Deployment
    Microservices allow you to easily and repeatedly deploy applications, making it easier to experiment with new ideas.

    Leverage APN Partners

    Contino combines cloud-native development, data, and DevSecOps expertise to establish modern software delivery capabilities for our clients. Our "upskill through delivery" approach ensures our clients get software products to market quickly and securely, and that they own their capability to do so moving forward. Learn more»

    Linke helps enterprises on their cloud journey with Amazon Web Services. Linke excels deploying, migrating, operating and automating enterprise applications, specializing in SAP workloads on AWS. Through Linke’s innovative products enterprises can extend SAP applications enabling more efficiency, agility and integration with AWS Services. Learn more»

    Whether you are looking for a lightning-quick launch into the cloud with our managed services (Design / Build / Operate), or aim to fully implement the cloud management principles into your own organization, Sentia is your partner of choice. Learn more»

    Storm Reply
    Storm Reply is specialised in design and implementation of cloud based solutions and services. Storm Reply holds Amazon Premier Consulting Partner Status helping a large number of significant customers in Europe run their systems and applications on top of AWS Platform. Having a consolidated experience in Cloud IaaS, SaaS and PaaS architectures, Storm Reply provides an end to end set of service Automation Consistent workflows to provision, secure, connect, and run any infrastructure for any application. Learn more»



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