Learn how to deploy machine learning to address practical use cases

Whether you want to improve team productivity, organize document workflows, detect anomalies, or speed up innovation; a host of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) services can help to meet your organizational needs. AI/ML services in the cloud can be implemented with little to no previous experience.

Watch a series of four virtual sessions delivered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) practitioners to learn how to implement machine learning in your organization. The webinars will highlight customer stories on fraud detection, document processing, and media analysis. The series explains how to prepare, process, and model machine learning workloads cost effectively and rapidly in the AWS Cloud.

How to detect fraudulent activity using machine learning 

An overview on detecting fraud using machine learning with strategies and case studies on mitigating risks.

How to automate document processing to improve turn-around times

A discussion on artificial intelligence reducing the human effort involved in reviewing documents and forms to verify accurate completion, classification, and routing.

How to extract insights from media content using machine learning

A session on natural language processing and computer vision use to extract metadata at scale and automate content classification for images, video, text, and audio.

Starting your machine learning journey with minimal coding

Deploying machine learning projects using a low code or no code approach on AWS allows business or data analysts to build their own models for predictions.

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