Eliminating the traditional limits of IoT

To date, LG Electronics has sold more than 70 million Smart TVs and five million home appliances worldwide. The corresponding rate of customer activations for its Wi-Fi-connected devices has dramatically intensified the need for an IoT platform that would accommodate a limitless number of smart devices connected to LG servers. The company made the decision to migrate to an IoT infrastructure that would enable easier and more cost-effective management and security.

Migrating for simplicity and consistency

In 2016, LG moved to AWS to connect the ThinQ devices with its global Smart TV platform. LG also deployed AWS technology for serverless computing that registered ThinQ devices on the cloud, stored device data, and controlled device status information. Additionally, a customer support chatbot developed using AWS serverless services had been running successfully in Korea and the US since March 2018.

Moving at speed with managed services

By shifting labor-intensive workstreams to AWS managed services, LG was able to rapidly relaunch its IoT platform with minimal development resources. LG dev teams can now improve efficiencies by building onto the platform themselves and consulting with infrastructure teams only when development is nearly complete. AWS enables LG developers to focus on core tasks, such as writing business logic and running test environments. That’s the ease of innovation on AWS.

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Embrace the reach of IoT

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More innovation at work

Connecting brands with people

Bynder has grown its business 200 percent year over year, scaling into new regions and working with several multinational organizations. AWS enables the company’s new digital asset management (DAM) platform, which offers its customers a smarter way to find, share, and deploy digital files at any time, and from anywhere.

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Innovate with IoT on AWS

AWS IoT services can help you improve productivity and boost efficiency across your business. Gathering data from, running sophisticated analytics on, and taking actions in real time on your diverse fleet of IoT devices from edge to the cloud has never been easier. Overcome common challenges securely with seven AWS IoT fully-managed services.

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Scoring big financial wins in the cloud

FICO uses AWS to innovate faster, reduce costs, and expand its global reach. By going serverless, the predictive analytics software company—known primarily for its credit scoring service—has unlocked continuous agility and flexibility. With AWS, FICO stays on the cutting edge and today counts 95 percent of the largest US financial institutions as its customers.

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