More money, more problems

iZettle originally used a traditional provider to host its payments services. But as the company grew, so did its need for easy control of its architecture, flexibility to deliver services quickly, and reliable compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards.

Moving on up

iZettle’s products are used by hundreds of thousands of small businesses in 12 countries and across three continents. To ensure global availability and improve performance, iZettle began migrating operations from a local data center to AWS. Using powerful, global AWS resources, the company was able to reduce latency and more reliably provide its card payment services in real-time. 

Cashing in

With AWS, iZettle is delivering fast card payment services on an international scale. The company can now perform database queries 100% faster than with its previous infrastructure and securely operate its global infrastructure with no need for its IT staff to travel, enabling teams to spend more time innovating and less time on managing local data centers.

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Cut operating costs by 51%

By migrating over 7,500 databases to AWS, Amazon reduced administration and hardware-management overhead, simplified cost allocation across teams, and eliminated licensing fees. Overall, Amazon cut database operating costs by 51% and lowered latency of most of its critical services by 40%. 

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