Connecting Roomba to the cloud

iRobot successfully introduced the first cloud-connected vacuuming robots in September 2015. However, as the company began to build out its family of Roomba vacuums—and as the sheer number of connected customers and services quickly multiplied—iRobot recognized that it needed a cloud solution that could scale more quickly and provide more direct control.

Serving customers in over 60 countries

Using the AWS Cloud, iRobot empowered its internet-enabled Roomba robotic vacuums to operate on a global scale. Managed simply and efficiently by a team of fewer than 10 employees, iRobot connected to its Roomba vacuums in over 60 countries, all supported by a serverless architecture combining the capabilities of AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, and AWS IoT.

Enabling a new generation of smart homes

In creating the home-cleaning robot category, and selling more than 25 million Roomba units worldwide, iRobot is helping to enable the next generation of smart homes. In the process, the company has transformed itself from an operationally traditional hardware vendor to an agile business that relies on the cloud to support its IoT backend platform and customer-facing application. That’s the force of innovation on AWS.

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