Over the past decade, policies mandating cloud use have ushered in year-on-year growth of the technology in the government Information and Communications Technology (ICT) market. With now a decade of cloud experience under their belts, agencies are becoming increasingly confident about seeking innovative, cloudbased solutions.

This white paper, written by Intermedium, indicates the existence of a government cloud ‘tsunami’, which is rapidly building in size and momentum across Australian jurisdictions. The research has revealed that across Australia, cloud is now a critical component of government service delivery.

As the wave hits the IT managed services market, providers who have not embraced next generation, cloudbased approaches will find their traditional revenue streams washed away.

Download this paper to dive deep into:
  • The four fundamental reasons of using cloud for government service delivery (scalability, better use of data, modernisation and emerging technologies, cost saving)
  • The jurisdictional snapshot across Australia and New Zealand on cloud adoption
  • The cloud opportunity for IT managed services providers
  • The way forward

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