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The 6 proven actions to evolve your business

Now, more than ever, innovation drives business growth. Explore the proven actions that many organizations have taken to work more efficiently, drive outcomes more rapidly, and gain more agility with the most innovative cloud technology on the planet.


Migrate to the cloud

Why migrate to the cloud? Some companies migrate to increase the productivity of their workforce. Others seek data-center consolidation due to a merger or acquisition. Still more are re-imagining their businesses as part of a larger digital transformation. And, of course, organizations are always looking for ways to improve the bottom line by reducing their costs.

Regardless of your objectives, the decision to move your IT operations to the cloud can be as daunting as it is promising. It’s a journey that requires proven methodologies, tools, training, and partners with the deep experience needed to execute successful cloud migrations. It’s important to carefully consider the overall capabilities and experience of prospective cloud partners, particularly their rates of success in helping organizations like yours deliver better business results.


Migrate to the cloud to free your IT resources

With the best practices in place—and the right partner by your side—your move to the cloud can open up a range of significant gains.

  • Slash overall infrastructure costs by 31 percent

  • Reduce costly downtime on average by 94 percent

  • Boost IT staff productivity on average by 62 percent

  • Accelerate to deliver 3x more features per year on average

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    successful migrations

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  • Strategies for Accelerating Migration to AWS

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Modernize application development

Modern application development empowers small, dedicated teams to prototype, test, deploy, and scale applications rapidly and repeatedly—which is why traditional processes can no longer keep pace.

AWS can help you replace the complex, monolithic applications of the recent past with self-contained microservices, serverless computing, and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). Equip your teams to deliver capabilities with greater agility and radically shorter development cycles. Providing the deepest, widest portfolio of cloud-development solutions, AWS modernizes the process of building, integrating, and scaling modern applications.

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    rapid development

  • Advancing local businesses with global scale

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  • Best practices for modern application development

    Reinvent how your business delivers value

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Modernize application development for rapid innovation

Modern application development practices help AWS customers get to market faster, accelerate innovation, and build more reliable applications at reduced costs.

Why move from monolithic to microservice?

    • Monolithic apps

    • Do everything

    • Share release pipeline

    • Scale rigidly

    • Change causes major impact

    • Adapt poorly to new tech

    • Microservice

    • Do one thing

    • Deploy independently

    • Scale independently

    • Change causes low impact

    • Adapt well to new tech


Differentiate with data

Modern analytics and machine learning (ML) have become competitive differentiators and a source of value-generation for many businesses. That explains IDC’s recent prediction that 40 percent of transformation initiatives in 2019 are being enabled by AI/ML. With the volume of data increasing to support those analytics capabilities, business planners need to understand that what worked in the past may not work in the present.

Implementing ML can easily involve dozens of technologies, tools, and environments. AWS simplifies the process—enabling faster decisions, enhancing customer experiences, and eliminating potential business risk. Start with your data strategy, making sure you have the right database for the job and that your data lakes are collecting and storing all of your data for better accessibility and use.

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    data to work

  • Changing the way the world watches content

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  • Explore the Data Flywheel

    A new approach for utilizing all your data

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Analyze all your data for faster, deeper insights

When you have immediate access to the broadest and deepest set of analytics and machine learning services, you can transform your data into value without compromising on security or governance.

  • Speed decision-making to better
    support the needs of your business

  • Deepen customer relationships
    through intelligent engagement

  • Leverage your data to help
    predict and reduce business risk


Strengthen your defenses

As you evolve from legacy technologies and processes to the modern cloud operations, the security risks and compliance regulations remain. Protecting your enterprise necessitates proven security expertise, tested against strict third-party assurance frameworks.

AWS offers the world’s most secure cloud-based infrastructure to meet the world’s most intensive security demands. That includes 24x7 monitoring for the privacy, resiliency, and availability of data in all regions. Simply stated, enterprises running on AWS achieve a higher security posture on the AWS Cloud than in their legacy environments.

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    maximum security

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  • Thinking differently about security

    Access the AWS Security & Compliance Guide

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Reinforce security,
compliance, and resiliency

By elevating the security posture of your business on AWS, you can ensure a range of positive outcomes and protections.

Inherit global security and compliance controls

Utilize the largest network of security partners and solutions

Scale with superior visibility and control

Gain the highest standards for privacy and cybersecurity

Automate with comprehensive security services


Reorganize your operations

Putting innovation to work means building operations around customer-focused outcomes that are ownable and repeatable. It’s time to rethink old-style waterfalls and other activity-based approaches that don’t support agile, feedback-centered development.

AWS provides a set of best practices that can help any business build small, agile, and highly empowered teams to own and operate what they build. Improve your pace of innovation by enabling faster decision-making. Every AWS customer benefits from the fastest pace of innovation, most proven operational expertise, and most secure cloud environment.

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    efficient operations

  • Scaling good practices across the enterprise

    Transform your business with existing staff

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  • Create your own Cloud Center of Excellence

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Empower any team
to boost speed and agility

In order to deliver better customer outcomes, many enterprises are reorganizing around agile, empowered teams rather than relying on activity or role-based functions.

OLD WAY: Organizing by activity

Business analyst

Product manager

Product managers

Operations and support





NEW WAY: Organizing by agility

Small, decentralized teams with necessary skillsets are nimble

Teams own and run what they build

Teams are empowered to make their own decisions


Equip your people

Although many organizations want to move faster to the cloud, they continue to invest in traditional on-premises technologies. The reason? An inability to hire and train cloud-skilled teams fast enough, and a lack of experience within the business to make the cloud deliver meaningful business outcomes.

The talent gap is real, and it goes to one of the deepest challenges to driving innovation. But, rather than looking outside the organization, AWS customers are “upskilling” their internal resources—nurturing the cloud talent they need in the people they already have.

  • Resources for
    bridging the skills gap

  • You already have the people you need to succeed with the cloud

    Learn about AWS Training and Certification

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  • Skills Gap eBook

    How to avoid the coming “talent gap” disruption

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Upskill any workforce
to bridge the talent gap

AWS Customer Enablement helps you train and equip your teams to operate successfully in the cloud, and continuously upskill their capabilities in lockstep with the rapid pace of innovation.

Accelerating business outcomes with AWS customer enablement

  • AWS Professional Services
  • AWS Managed Services
  • AWS Enterprise Support
  • AWS Training & Certification

The strongest AWS technical skills

The deepest enterprise experience

Culture and process, not just tech

Experiential learning for your teams

Resources through the AWS Partner Network

Faster business transformation

Achieve your objectives

As you work through the actions proven to accelerate innovation, you’ll want to do so in the context of the strategic objectives your organization has already set. Empowering the business to focus on those core objectives will go a long way towards helping your teams meet them. The following are just a few of the outcomes today’s leading and emerging businesses are achieving with AWS:

Accelerating time-to-market

Getting closer to your customers

Improving operational efficiencies

Strengthening partnerships

Increasing profitability

Reducing business risk

Deepening employee engagement

Today’s leaders innovate on the AWS Cloud

Many cloud-enabled businesses—including Airbnb, Pinterest, and Slack—have literally built their businesses on AWS. Today, thousands of enterprises of every size and in every industry are driving meaningful outcomes for their business and customers by working with the cloud leader.

AWS customers include leaders in nearly every industry, including Goldman Sachs and the National Bank of Australia in financial services, Merck and Pfizer in healthcare, GE and Siemens in manufacturing, Shell and BP in energy, Netflix and Disney in media, Expedia and Hilton Hotels in travel, as well as 4,000 government agencies, 9,000 schools, and 27,000 nonprofits worldwide. They are building their own futures—and now your business can, too.

Innovation at work

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