AWS Monthly Webinar Series

AWS Tech Talks are a selection of live online presentations that cover a broad range of topics at varying technical levels. These webinars feature technical sessions led by AWS solutions architects and engineers, live demonstrations, customer examples, and Q&A with AWS experts.

Featured Sessions

Artificial Intelligence

Exploring the Business Use Cases for Amazon Machine Learning: Explore several popular business use cases for Amazon Machine Learning for the Hospitality and Insurance industries.

Deep Learning for Data Scientists - Using Apache MXNet and R on AWS: Learn how to write a deep learning program with Apache MXNet on AWS in a few lines of codes using the R programming language.

An Overview of AI on the AWS Platform: Learn about all of our AI offerings on the AWS Platform.

Big Data

Real-Time Log Analytics using Amazon Kinesis and Amazon Elasticsearch Service: Learn how to ingest and deliver logs with no infrastructure using Amazon Kinesis Firehose.

Building Big Data Applications with Serverless Architectures: Learn common patterns for building big data applications quickly and easily using serverless computing.


DevOps with Visual Studio, .NET and AWS: Learn how AWS services can help .NET developers adopt DevOps.


Batch Processing with Containers on AWS: Learn how to use Amazon EC2 Container Service to run batch processing jobs that scale quickly and cost-effectively.


Create an IoT Gateway and Establish a Data Pipeline to AWS IoT with Intel: Learn how to create a complete Gateway-based IoT framework – from the edge to the cloud and back.


Amazon Cognito Public Beta of Built-in UI for User Sign-up/in and SAML Federation: Learn about the new capabilities in AWS Cognito public beta for hosting the UI/UX of the user sign-up/sign-in screens of their applications, significantly simplifying the task of adding user identity and access management capabilities.

Security & Identity

Using Microsoft Active Directory across On-premises and Cloud Workloads: Learn how to use Microsoft Active Directory across on-premises and AWS Cloud Windows workloads. Get a deep-dive on setting up SSO, policies, & trusts.


Cloud Backup & Recovery Options with AWS Partner Solutions: Learn how to backup and recover on-premises and cloud data using AWS Technology Partners.

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