IMAGINE: Nonprofit

Watch 2023 IMAGINE: Nonprofit conference on demand
Explore 19 live sessions from the conference that highlight diverse perspectives from nonprofits leaders on ways they have been solving organizational challenges and innovating with cloud technology.
INSPIRE sessions
From feeding the world’s children to breaking ground in brain science to decarcerating America, organizations of all sizes are embracing technology to build the future we all imagine. Leave with inspiration on how you can drive change, too.
UNIFY sessions
Explore unification through the lens of nonprofit leaders in a number of ways—from harnessing big data to improve lifesaving interventions, redefining remote work for legacy organizations, aligning siloed teams, and more.
ENGAGE sessions
Discover how organizations are engaging people at all levels to create an innovative and equitable educational experience, and how nonprofits are leveraging technology to communicate with donors in more personal and impactful ways.
ACTIVATE sessions
Nonprofit leaders face relentless expectations to innovate. Whether it’s cultivating the right mindset to rallying supporters to building sustainable systems, activating impact begins with taking the first step.

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