Computer Aided Engineering on AWS

Today, nearly all industries are using computer-aided engineering (CAE) in product development, including: automotive, aerospace, plant engineering, electronics, energy, and consumer goods. Engineers require simulation tools to quickly and cost-effectively ensure the effective functioning of a product in all environments and at different phases of a product’s lifecycle. Modern simulation tools, software as a service (SaaS) solvers, and cloud computing have removed barriers to streamlining the difficult endeavor of CAE. Engineers can now leverage the power and speed of high performance computing (HPC) in the cloud to speed up the standard CAE workflow and significantly reduce the cost and time required for each design iteration cycle.

By running your CAE/CFD applications in the cloud, users can replace large upfront costs with flexible payments that only charge for the simulations actually run. Fluctuating demand makes CAE/CFD ideal for cloud computing and on AWS’ scalable cloud infrastructure, engineers get the option to configure their infrastructure to match their application needs.

How to get started

Complete the form below to get started with running your CAE/CFD workloads on AWS. Once you fill out the form, you will be directed to next steps, and a $100 AWS credit code will be coming your way. You can redeem it to your AWS account if you choose the DIY option, or with our partner, Rescale, if you choose to use a managed HPC platform.