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Welcome to the Web3 Accelerator Program, where startups come to accelerate their growth and achieve exceptional levels of performance and operational excellence. Our program provides the support you need to succeed.

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AWS enables Web3 Ecosystem

Web3, also known as Web 3.0, strives to build a user-owned and decentralized Internet ecosystem based on blockchain technology. Web3 allows the Internet users to control their own digital identity and digital assets, allows network owners, content providers, and ecosystem participants to participate more in value distribution, and balances the efficiency of the Internet and the fairness of rights and interests.

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What We Offer

1. Network and Community Building

Our program offers strategic partnerships to connect you with our global network of projects, partners, and investors. By joining our community, you'll have access to the resources you need to build a successful network and scale your business.

2. Funding and Marketing Support

We offer investment programs to accelerate your development, and extensive marketing collaboration to increase your exposure. Examples include streaming with Twitch, joint AMA sessions, joint events, case study and more.

3. Technical Expertise

Web3 customers demand high and exacting standards when it comes to security, low-latency, reliability, and resiliency of their technology. Our program offers technical expertise to help you deliver the highest standard of service to your customers.

4. Global Partnership

We are proud to have supported the most innovative and successful companies in the web3 industry to thrive globally, across various verticals, including Crypto.com, coinbase, Mocaverse, consensys, NodeReal, Ava Labs and more.

"The partnership between AWS and Animoca Brands' Mocaverse sets a new benchmark for ecosystem NFT utilities to empower the next generation of creators in the open metaverse. We look forward to working on a whole new universe of possibilities with our fellow builders." - Kenneth Shek, Head of Projects, Animoca Brands

Upcoming Events

Don't miss out on our upcoming events, including:

May 23 - Web3 Track at AWS Summit Hong Kong

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Monthly Web3 Meetups

Web3 Summit

Web3 Solution Day

Web 3 Developer Meetup


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