AWS Partner Webinar On-demand

Analytics based investigation and automated response with AWS and Splunk

Language: Cantonese
Duration: 1 hour
Mario Li, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Daniel Yeung, Senior Channel Sales Engineer, Splunk

With businesses adopting more agile approaches to delivering services to customers, there has been an explosion of cloud adoption - the recent pandemic only further accelerating this increase.

Together, AWS and Splunk provide solutions to help detect, investigate, and respond to threats against your critical workloads running in your AWS environments. Learn how Splunk Cloud, Splunk Security Operations Suite, and Splunk Mission Control work with key AWS security data sources to help provide the right visibility and response mechanisms to manage security of your AWS workloads efficiently.

At this webinar we will explore the challenges a cloud native world presents and identify strategies to help you effectively detect and respond to threats in this environment. Join us to gain insight into taking a modern approach to security operations and enhancing cloud security. Key topics covered will include:

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Dive into investigative use cases based on findings from AWS Services
  • Demonstrate automated response strategies that allow you to respond to security events identified in your Splunk environment
  • How to achieve a unified security operation in the cloud with Splunk Mission Control


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