O2O is no longer a buzzword — it is a retail reality. By combining in-store and physical store experience with the convenience of online e-commerce, you give your customers a choice. This flexibility to shop wherever and whenever can improve their loyalty and attention. The problem: O2O is not easy and can be complex. Take the easier route to O2O with SmartShop by OnePage. Designed or today’s omnichannel customers, it combines breathtaking visualizations and UX, API integration to existing back-end systems and a dedicated system architecture built on AWS into a single solution. You can create your very own branded user interface, run tailored social media ad campaigns, and get marketing recommendations. What’s more, you will receive customized advice to jumpstart your retail success with a one-month free digital marketing consultation.

Offer in Detail

  • 1-month free digital marketing consultation
  • Get valuable insights for optimizing your digital advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google and LinkedIn
  • Receive marketing content reviews and recommendations
  • Gain "Squeeze Hub" digital market activation recommendations


  • Visualization and UX blueprinting powered by our design award winning crew
  • Create your very own branded user interface in a flash
  • A single solution for managing e-commerce, retail operations, CRM and loyalty programs
  • API connectivity for all major POS, payment and delivery solutions
  • Dedicated system architecture for creating diverse user journeys quickly

Speak with us and begin your voyage in the new O2O business blue ocean with SmartShop

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