In today’s increasingly digital and connected world, customer behaviors change on a whim. Proven and tested ideas can be irrelevant overnight. If you do not keep up, you may end up losing your most loyal customers and paying five times more to get new ones.

Motherapp brings you closer to your customer with smart loyalty programs that puts your customers in the center. Built on AWS Cloud Server and with 10 years of digital marketing experience, it is a stable and scalable platform that understands shifts in customer behaviors and recalibrates your loyalty programs. It also bridges physical and digital experiences to offer a unique, tailored O2O experience that will keep your customers coming back. Subscribe today and Motherapp consultants will show how you can achieve this for free.

Offer in Detail

  • Free consultation on improving your O2O experience
  • Understand what your customers want with data analysis
  • Setup your digital loyalty platforms within one month and easily integrate with the e-commerce solution
  • Tailor experiences for your unique brand value proposition


  • Engage 24/7 with personalized offers and automated messages across multiple channels, including App push, SMS, email, Facebook, WhatsApp, and WeChat
  • Increase marketing ROI by maximizing retention and reducing churn
  • Built with over 10 years of digital marketing experience
  • To maximise the customer lifetime value and boost your revenue through connecting offline stores' business with online store

About MotherApp

For more than 12 years, Motherapp has been developing smart applications that engage clients' customers and improve their business operations. Motherapp helps them to benefit from advances in mobile, IoT, AI and data analytics. With teams in Hong Kong, Ningbo and California, Motherapp brings a uniquely caring approach to creating value with proven and emerging technology.


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